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POPP Emergency Services 24×7

Internet Connection Down

Fire & Flood Emergency Offices

Online Dashboards provide quick view of telephone system software and user settings

Manage My Account (MMA) Dashboard

Manage your POPP account permissions and telephone number security.

Administrator settings tour and dashboard for the phone system.

Synchronized user settings for the POPP VoIP phones.

Call Recording Online Dashboard

Call recordings for the POPP VoIP Phone System.

Telephone Number security, types, blocking, and porting

Company Telephone Numbers, Security, and Privacy at MMA Dashboard

Moving Telephone Numbers to POPP Port In

Incoming Customer Call Response Software Features Summary

Auto Attendant

  • Easy
  • Premium

Multi Line Hunt for available person

Call Center hunt for available person

Desk Phones – Yealink, Poly, and Cisco

T57W (29 Touchscreen Buttons)

Computer Phone, Employee Smartphone, VOP, CTI/CRM

POPP Remote Service Software TeamViewer

Voice Operator Panel

CTI/CRM Computer Telephony Integration to Client Relationship Management Software

Software Downloads

Telephone Line Connection

Telephone Line

Private Business Network aka Data Network, LAN

Public Internet Connectivity – POPP as Services Supplier and Advisor/Agent/Reseller

Wireless Internet Connection as a Service

Fiber + Enterprise
Pure Business Internet
Metro Optical Ethernet (MOE)

Comcast Cable, Fiber, Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI)

Internet Connections (POPP as Agent)

Cloud Solutions or client domain name

Microsoft 365 features, computer virus malware, on-site server software, and Microsoft 365 configuration and setting integrations

POPP Implementation Process and Practices

Auto Attendant

  • Easy
  • Premium

Multi Line Hunt for available person

Call Center hunt for available person

Live + Local. Proactive + Professional.

POPP is proud to provide live, local and timely support. Avoid automated menus and enjoy prompt service from a responsive, local business technology professional. Our live experts get you back on track faster and easier without headaches or hassle.

Your dedicated POPP team also proactively provides updates on network analytics and technology developments, so you can continue to make confident decisions as your business moves forward.

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