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Company Telephone Numbers

Security and Privacy

Telephone numbers are your unique worldwide business identity. They are both your front door to your business and serve as your business identity in many ways. We assign and maintain telephone numbers and protect your ownership.

Protect your ownership of telephone numbers from competitors and the privacy of your customer and supplier telephone numbers list (call detail) from unauthorized employees:

  • CPNI (Client Proprietary Network Information) is at POPP MMA online portal/dashboard and offers 2FA (two-factor authentication) for access
  • View of contact permissions profiles in MMA online dashboard/portal

POPP telephone Numbers Privacy Policy - No one (with no exceptions) has permission to view, change, or access information that is not authorized by your Full Access contact on the POPP MMA dashboard CPNI document.

POPP shares with no company and no one POPP client's information and we do not sell or share client proprietary information ever.

CPNI (Client Proprietary Network Information MMA Manage My Account Online Dashboard

POPP CPNI FAQ and Disclosure

We take protecting your customer phone numbers from competitors and cyber criminals as seriously as you take protecting your customer database – because they are the same.

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