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Telephone Number Types, Uses, and 911

All telephone numbers send origination CID (Caller ID) and receive originating CID telephone number traffic data for incoming calls and outgoing calls


Used for

Company Main Telephone Number

Direct Inward Dial (DID) to Employee TN

Office Devices Single Line TN

Toll Free Across the US
800   888   877

Anywhere (NANP) North American Numbering Plan by Area Code



Incoming Customer and shopper calls and can be routed to employees

Can originate 911 emergency calls

Incoming voice call routing directly to employees and call originate 911 emergency calls

Office devices fax, POS, credit card
Office security system
Office monitoring

You pay the LD and you receive the unique telephone telephone number caller ID, that dialed your 800 number

A local anywhere in North America telephone number

A unique telephone number is used on each unique advertisement or web page – Information you will receive is the caller ID of the party that called your number and traffic data number if calls and time connected. Call can be routed to a live person – voicemail – auto attendant