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Work From Anywhere

The Modern Phone for Mobile Knowledge Workers

Work from Anywhere phones are powered by the POPP Hosted Microsoft Metaswitch IP PBX and Unified Communications features platform.

Work-from-anywhere phones are your employees’ always-ready tool to provide fast response.

Knowledge workers operate in a learn-and-share knowledge world. Give your mobile knowledge workers the freedom to work from where they’re needed and maintain the ability to quickly communicate questions or answers to help customers and teammates. The three phones twin, use the same telephone number, and call information is synchronized.

Your business reputation is everything.

Serving customers fast protects your reputation and improves customer retention.

Serving customers fast saves your customers time and your employees time.

POPP Professionals customize phones for each employee for fast response.

We have many years of experience and have helped thousands of business people customize phones.

We take the time to consult and thoughtfully configure each employee phone to fit their unique job communication needs.

A VoIP phone system that saves employee time pays for itself plus dividends.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2023 report:
The average cost of an employee hour is $43 (or $10 per 15 min.)
Connecting faster will save most employees at least 15 minutes per 8 hour day. That’s $10 a day.
Then 20 workdays/month x $10/day savings = $200/month, per employee.

Result: The time savings pays for the system!