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Incoming Call Response

Our AIM – Shoppers and customers enjoy a world-class experience when calling your business

Your business telephone number and phone system is your front door to the world.

When a person shopping for the products and services you offer or a customer dials your company telephone number, they are experiencing and judging your business communication process and practices. That experience has a direct and immediate effect on  your business reputation because of how they feel about how they have been treated compared to your competition. We have the Microsoft Metaswitch PBX software and design talent to make your incoming call routing world class.

What’s your grand vision of Telephone Numbers – Answer – Transfer – Connect – Respond?

We want to learn it – Because we have the tools to do it.

Incoming Customer Call Response

We work with you to determine your preferred incoming call configurations and settings. 
We have the process and tools to do the configuration your way. 
We do the work to accomplish our purpose and promise of Quality, Value, Convenient, Professional.

The process and design considerations to quickly answer and connect for a live conversation:

Incoming Call Rings

  • Your company telephone number
  • Or your employee DID Direct Inward Dial telephone number

The Answer

  • A live person
  • Auto Attendant

The Transfer

  • To an available person with the knowledge and skills to help the caller

The Connection

Phone Options

Yealink T54 plus MaX UC on Laptop and iPhone Horizontal 300ppi

for employees to answer from anywhere

The Call Reminder

  • The phones have call records history and voicemail to help follow up

The software to accomplish your vision of the way you want your telephone numbers answered and routed to employees:

Main Number Incoming Call Manager and Voicemail Box

Auto Attendant

  • Easy
  • Premium

Call routing to hunt groups and voicemail

Multi Line Hunt for available person

Sales, Service, etc.

  • Music on Hold
  • Messaging on Hold

Call Center hunt for available person

Sales, Service, etc.

Supervisors, Agents

And when your incoming call response process or practice changes, we will do the update to your phone system software configuration for free.

You can use the online Business Group Administration dashboard to view and change the incoming call response software configuration.